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Infant Massage

Lanterman's Koch-Young Resource Center presents Infant Massage, a three-session parent and me series designed for children ages birth to crawling. Parents will learn the benefits of infant massage, including tips and techniques. The first session in the series starts on February 12, 2020.


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Toddler Talk

Lanterman's Koch-Young Resource Center presents Toddler Talk, a four-session parent/child speech program designed for children 2 to 3 1/2 years of age with Smile Pediatric Therapy and Diagnostics. Parents will learn tips and techniques to build language skills and the program will feature, environmental sounds; letters, numbers, colors; animals; the city; food; and active bodies. The first session in the series starts on February 13, 2020.


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Join Award Honoree Dani Bowman/Danimation at the Two-Day Aquarium Of The Pacific Festival

The two-day Annual Festival of Human Abilities at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach is happening the end of this month on Saturday and Sunday, January 25 and 26, 2020. An annual celebration of the creative spirit of people with disabilities, be sure to check out Dani Bowman/Danimation at her usual table at the Aquarium. And we're pleased to share that she will be receiving the 2020 Glenn McIntyre Heritage Award for outstanding service to people with disabilities at 1:40 p.m. on Sunday, January 26.

The Festival of Human Abilities is an amazing inclusionary event that the Aquarium holds each year to showcase the creative spirit of people with disabilities.

The attached flyer is good for FREE ADMISSION to the Festival of Human Abilities for any person with a disability and one attendant, with advance reservation, see below for details. Admission is normally $34.95 per person so it’s a huge savings for a great day out.

Please read the special terms and conditions below.

ADVANCE RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED for everyone using this special offer to ensure the best possible experience. Valid January 25 and 26, 2020 only. Individuals and groups using this offer must call 562.590.3100 to make a reservation by Monday, January 20, 2020. Reservations will be taken from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please mention the code D-HAS when making your reservation. Guests will be assigned a specific date and time to enter. Please reserve early to get the time and date(s) of your preference. Guests may attend and use this offer both days of the festival, subject to availability. Each arrival time will have limited capacity for reservations, and we expect some arrival time slots to fill up. Please bring this flyer with you, as you may be asked to present it. Festival Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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Disneyland Resort Community Involvement Program (CIP) Update

We recently reached out to Disneyland to find out if any new information has become available about the annual reduced price Disneyland Community Involvement Program (CIP). The program is currently on hold and they are still in the process of reviewing the program and will contact us when information about an updated program is available. They have set up a Web site page where they will post updates at


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How a Child Can Qualify for SSI Benefits with a Developmental Disability

Caring for a child with a developmental disability can be challenge. A parent may have to quit working to stay home with the child, or parents could need to pay out of pocket for additional therapies and services for their child. This can cause a major financial hardship for parents. Social Security benefits can help ease the financial burden of caring for a child with a developmental disability or low IQ. Supplemental Security Income (, or SSI benefits, from the Social Security Administration ( can be used to help cover living expenses and additional treatment expenses for the child. These benefits are available to foster parents as well as parents for children that meet the SSA’s qualifications.

SSI Benefits for Developmental Disability

All of the conditions that are eligible for SSI benefits are listed in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book ( It used to be that any child with an IQ under 60 would automatically qualify for benefits, but the SSA has updated the listing requirements for kids with developmental disabilities. Now in order to be eligible for SSI benefits parents must show that their child has had a full scale IQ test and has an  IQ score of 70 or below, or that the child has a full scale IQ score of 71-75 with a verbal or performance score of 70 or below. Additionally, they have to show evidence that the child has an extreme limitation in one of the following areas, or a severe limitation in two of the following areas:

  • understanding, remembering, or applying information (ability to learn term and concepts, follow instructions, solve problems)
  • interacting with others (ability to understand social cues, cooperate, make and maintain friendships, handle conflicts)
  • concentrating on tasks and maintaining pace (ability to complete tasks in a timely manner, ignore or avoid distractions, work close to others without distracting them), and
  • managing oneself (ability to protect self from harm, regulate emotions, control behavior, maintain personal hygiene).

Medical sources ( from a doctor like hospital records can be used as proof. So can test results and assessments from psychologists, child development experts, counselors, teachers, case workers, social workers, and any other professionals who can offer an expert opinion about the extent of the disability and how it impacts the child’s day to day life.

How to Qualify Financially

If the child meets the listing requirements in the Blue Book the parents will need to qualify financially before the child can be approved for SSI benefits. The total income ( of all adults in the household that are working must fall below the cap set by the Social Security Administration in order for the child to qualify for SSI benefits. Parents can submit W-2 forms or Federal tax returns to prove their income. If you’re submitting Federal tax returns you usually will need at least two years of tax returns to prove your income.

Getting Started

Once you have all of your medical documentation and the financial documentation that you need you can make an appointment at your local SSA office ( Bring all of the documentation you have to the appointment with you. A staff member at the SSA will help you file your claim and submit all of the evidence that you have to prove your claim.



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What do you think?/¿Qué piensas? Complete your survey!/Completa tu encuesta!

The State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) has begun to send out Adult Family Surveys (AFS) and Family Guardian Surveys (FGS) to all families with children 18 years or older living at home (AFS) or living outside of their family home (FGS), and receiving at least one regional center-funded service other than case management. These surveys will be mailed and collected between the end of November 2019 through June 30, 2020. We hope that you will participate in these important surveys as your feedback is very valuable to us.

El Consejo Estatal de Discapacidades del Desarrollo (SCDD) ha comenzado a enviar Encuestas Familiares de Adultos (AFS) y Encuestas de Guardia Familiar (FGS) a todas las familias con niños de 18 años o más que viven en el hogar (AFS) o que viven fuera de su hogar familiar ( FGS), y recibir al menos un servicio financiado por el centro regional que no sea la gestión de casos. Estas encuestas se enviarán por correo y se recopilarán entre finales de noviembre de 2019 y el 30 de junio de 2020. Esperamos que participe en estas importantes encuestas ya que sus comentarios son muy valiosos para nosotros.


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Dance with Me!: A Parent and Me Music Series on Thursdays

Dance With Me! is part of the Parent and Me Music Series and is for children ages 2 to 4. This session runs for four consecutive weeks starting January 9, 2020.


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SCDD 2022-2026 State Plan Survey is Available

Tell the SCDD how to do their jobs...

You have an opportunity to tell the State Council what work they should do. Every five years the State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) develops a new state plan to guide their direction and their work. They want their state plan to reflect the priorities of their stakeholders including people with developmental disabilities, their family members, advocates and others who care about and support them. If that describes you, take 10-15 minutes to complete this anonymous survey.

For more information and to link to the survey, CLICK HERE.

The survey is available in 18 languages, and you can select your language from the drop down menu.

If you would prefer to print and fill out the survey by hand, click on the link below:

English Survey

Díga al SCDD cómo hacer su trabajo...

Tiene la oportunidad de decirle al State Council que trabajo deben hacer. Cada cinco años, el Consejo Estatal de Discapacidades del Desarrollo (SCDD) desarrolla un nuevo plan estatal para guiar su dirección y su trabajo. Quieren que su plan estatal refleje las prioridades de sus interesados, incluidas las personas con discapacidades del desarrollo, sus familiares, defensores y otras personas que se preocupan por ellos y los apoyan. Si eso lo describe, toma entre 10 y 15 minutos para completar esta encuesta anónima.

Para obtener más información y vincular a la encuesta, HAGA CLIC.

Si prefiere imprimir y completar la encuesta a mano, haga clic en el siguiente enlace:

Encuesta española

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Homeless to Housed in Time for the Holidays

One of the most challenging things about living in Los Angeles is finding a place to call home. But for two Lanterman clients – Brenda and E.W. – who had been displaced for years, they each secured permanent housing in late October – signing leases and receiving their keys.

Lanterman Service Coordinator Miriam Adams shares: “I truly want to thank all the parties involved, my clients of course for being motivated to follow through on paperwork, the ILS agency Passport to Learning and the direct support staff who were dedicated to assuring the clients’ paperwork was completed along with any necessary follow through, and Lanterman’s Housing Specialist, Shannon Rains, who assisted with getting documents signed and submitted on behalf of the clients to the various housing agencies.”
Brenda, with the help of her direct support staff, Tamara Worthington of Passport to Learning, also worked diligently with other community agencies who played a role in assisting her in securing permanent housing, and she says that she is thankful for the help and happy to have her own space and place now.
E.W. wanted to share that she is a success story and to encourage others to stay positive and work with community agencies. With the assistance of her direct support staff, Teniesha Blake of Passport to Learning she also connected with additional community resources who helped to support her through this process of searching for and securing permanent housing. E.W. is a bit camera shy, but rest assured, there were plenty of smiles of joy to go around the day she signed her lease and got her keys.

Miriam adds, “Team work really does make the dream work. I’m so happy for these ladies.” Here's to having a place to call home in time for the holidays.

From left to right: Lanterman Service Coordinator Miriam Adams, Brenda, Direct Support Staff Tamara Worthington of Passport to Learning, and Lanterman Housing Specialist Shannon Rains

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Solicite por 01/17 para ser un Entrevistador Como Miembro Comunitario para Help Me Grow-LA Pathways

La fecha límite para presentar la solicitud se extendió hasta el 17 de enero de 2020.

First 5 LA invita a madres y padres, tutores, cuidadores a entrevistar a las organizaciones que buscan recibir fondos para Help Me Grow - Los Angeles Pathways para mejorar las conexiones a recursos para los retrasos de desarrollo en su comunidad.

Utilice su experiencia intentando conseguir ayuda para un niño con preocupaciones de desarrollo como para caminar, hablar, el comportamiento y otras preocupaciones.

Las personas seleccionadas deberán participar en una capacitación de mitad del día y cada parte del proceso de entrevistas de día completo durante la primavera del 2020. Se le pagará $498 por su tiempo y viaje. Se proporcionará cuidado de niños.

Las personas de la comunidad que participen en el Panel de Entrevista NO podrán buscar o aceptar empleo, ni compensación, por parte de las organizaciones que reciban fondos, ni de cualquier subcontratista o colaborador, como empleado, contratista o vendedor por un periodo de un año sin el previo consentimiento por escrito de First 5 LA.

Las solicitudes se deben entregar a no más tardar el 19 de diciembre de 2019.

La solicitud y las instrucciones en como solicitar están en:


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Application for Affordable Housing in Pasadena Due 01/10/20

Heritage Housing Partners is offering affordable condominium units and townhomes for sale in Pasadena (Decker Court and Gill Court) to eligible low- to moderate-income, first-time home buyer households. If you’re interested, you will have to fill out an application and attend an orientation. The deadline to submit an application is January 10, 2020.


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KYRC Library Lowdown: “Think Outside the Box: Info & Resources on CA’s SD Program” Now Available

In this Library Lowdown, we will be highlighting a new resource just added to the Koch-Young Resource Center Library collection: "Think Outside the Box: Information and Resources on California’s New Self-Determination Program" (November 2019 edition), which is now available for checkout from the KYRC Library.

Published by Disability Voices United and Autism Society of Los Angeles, this resource guide acts as a tool to support the effective implementation of California’s 2013 Self-Determination Law. Learn about the Self-Determination Program, person-centered planning, independent facilitators, financial management services and more.

Please note: If you are unable to come into the Library for your library materials, the KYRC offers pick-up and drop-off of library items at various locations in the community as well. Check out the complete list of locations here:

Contact the KYRC Library at 213.252.5600 or to make arrangements.


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Apply by 01/17 to be a Community Member Interviewer for Help Me Grow - LA Pathways

The deadline to apply has been extended to January 17, 2020.

First 5 LA is looking for individuals to interview applicants from agencies seeking funding from First 5 LA for Help Me Grow - LA (HMG-LA) Pathways: Together Strengthening Connections for Kids and Families project. Interviewers will help First 5 LA select grantee(s) that will work with other agencies and people to test ways to better connect children to resources they need for a developmental concern. We have a critical window of time to prepare every child for success in school and life. Thus, it is vital to make sure a young child’s development is on track and to address any concerns as soon as possible to make the biggest difference. HMG-LA Pathways is a project that will improve connections to developmental services and supports.

Interviewers must have the following Qualifications:

  • Live in the Community Region they apply to
  • Parent, guardian or caregiver of a child
  • Current or former experience trying to get developmental resources for a child such as:

    o    Social-emotional – playing, feeling safe and happy
    o    Physical – fine and gross motor, vision and hearing (e.g., reaching, rolling crawling, walking)
    o    Communication – talking, listening and understanding
    o    Cognitive – thinking, learning and problem solving
    o    Adaptive – independently eating, dressing and toileting

Those selected must participate in both the training and all parts of the interview process and will be paid for their time and childcare will be provided. Application and materials for the Call for Interviewers is posted on the First 5 LA Funding Center at

To request this application in another language, please contact Daisy Ortiz ( by no later than Monday, December 2, 2019.

Applicants must submit their completed applications to Daisy Ortiz ( via email by no later than 5 p.m. PT on Thursday, December 19, 2019.

For additional information or further questions, please contact Daisy Ortiz, Contract Compliance Officer at


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Governor Newsom Launches Resource Website for Californians Impacted by Wildfires and Power Shutoffs

On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the launch of a new state website with tools and resources for Californians who have been impacted by wildfires and utility-directed power shutoffs.

The website, RESPONSE.CA.GOV, combines emergency response, recovery and resilience information into a single place for easy access by users. It is a one-stop portal that includes local and state resources, health services, shelters and housing, preparedness information, and more.

“California continues to rise to the challenge of power shutoffs and natural disasters,” said Governor Newsom. “RESPONSE.CA.GOV provides Californians with a unified portal for critical information during this state of emergency. This site will continuously be updated as needed to provide Californians with the resources they need.”

RESPONSE.CA.GOV provides Californians with information and resources for current incidents, transportation impacts, vital health services information, shelter and housing locations, unemployment assistance and other state information. The website also directs users to Public Safety Power Shutoff information and preparedness tips. As incidents continue to evolve, the portal will be updated to reflect the latest information and any additional resources the state may develop.

The Governor yesterday declared a statewide emergency due to the dangerous weather conditions. Earlier today, Governor Newsom joined the state’s top fire and emergency management officials to provide an update on statewide fire and wind conditions, and announced that California has secured a Fire Management Assistance Grant to help ensure the availability of resources to fight the Getty Fire. California has also secured Fire Management Assistance Grants to bolster the response to the Kincade and Tick fires, for which the Governor previously declared a state of emergency in Sonoma and Los Angeles counties.

Over the course of the past week, the Governor has met with emergency responders, health officials, residents and local leaders in PetalumaNapaGeyserville and Los Angeles, and held public briefings regarding the ongoing fire threats and the need to hold utilities accountable for the consequences of their power shutoff decisions.

The Governor has also announced a $75 Million Program for state and local governments to mitigate the impacts of power shutoffs, and unveiled a series of new partnerships and new tools to help secure medically vulnerable populations during these events.

Under Governor Newsom’s leadership, California passed AB 1054, wildfire safety and utility reform legislation that expands the CPUC’s ability to hold utilities accountable for their safety record — a central part of the Governor’s wildfire safety actions.

The legislation created a new wildfire safety division at the CPUC and a board of independent expert advisors to more effectively regulate the safety of publicly owned utilities. The law mandated that utilities tie executive compensation to safety performanceinvest $5 billion in safety improvements without profit, and go through a new yearly wildfire safety review and certification process. It also requires new inspections of utility electrical equipment. Under the law, utilities must create a wildfire safety committee in their corporate board, and provide direct board-level safety reporting to the CPUC.

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Elder Caravantes has Worked as a Tour Ambassador at OUE Skyspace LA Since Fall of Last Year

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and today we highlight Elder Caravantes and OUE Skyspace LA where he has worked as a tour ambassador since fall of last year.

Elder Caravantes is used to going above and beyond - and his hard work is paying off. A participant in the Work Activity Program (WAP) since 2014, he showcased great effort on tasks like building boxes, packaging goods and loading boxes onto pallets. He also partook in shredding runs, where he helped the driver load and unload shipments. Elder’s ability to grasp tasks quickly and his attention to detail qualified him to perform quality control, where he was responsible for inspecting products.

While at the WAP Elder worked on important job skills such as punctuality and how to interact with co-workers, supervisors and the general public.

In September 2018, Elder became an intern for Smart & Final. During his two-month internship, he learned valuable work skills that would further prepare him for future employment opportunities and he continued to show initiative and dedication when completing tasks and assisting customers.

After completing his internship, Elder attended an OUE Skyspace LA Job Fair, where he was immediately offered a dishwasher position. He completed all paperwork on his own. During his new hire orientation, Elder was delighted to learn he had been assigned to a new position - Tour Ambassador.

In his new position, Elder is responsible for providing a high-level of customer service. Beyond presenting information to guests during tours, he also ensures their overall safety and assists with any of their needs. Elder is thriving in his new role, which plays to his strengths, and is very excited about working with OUE Skyspace LA. Meanwhile, AbilityFirst staff continues to work with Elder on his punctuality and job performance, to ensure he continues to succeed.

AbilityFirst is the supporting service provider.

Lanterman clients interested in exploring employment opportunities should contact their service coordinator to discuss further.

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Veronica Zamora Trialed Several Jobs Before She Found the Right One as a Courtesy Clerk at Pavilions

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and today we highlight Veronica Zamora and share her search to find a job that she would enjoy, which she finally did, working as a Courtesy Clerk at Pavilions in Los Angeles, where she has been for over a year now.

Veronica began participating in AbilityFirst’s Employment Facilitation Training Services Program (EFTS) in 2017. Veronica expressed interest in finding employment, but she did not know where to start. Veronica was shy at first, but very motivated to find a job. She explained that she wanted to become more independent and help her family. The staff at AbilityFirst assisted her in exploring different options in her community to narrow down her areas of interest. Throughout the process of job searching, Veronica remained positive and optimistic. In April 2018, Veronica was hired at Pavilions in Los Angeles as a Courtesy Clerk. With the support of her job coach, Veronica learned her responsibilities and has been employed for over a year. Veronica is still as positive as ever and enjoys going to work. She expressed to AbilityFirst staff that she loves her job and is very happy. Last year, Veronica purchased Christmas gifts for her family, and it meant a lot to her to be able to do that for them. Veronica is also planning on spoiling her new nephew with presents when his is born later this year. Veronica has come a long way and she continues to work toward her goal of becoming more independent.

AbilityFirst is the supporting service provider.

Lanterman clients interested in exploring employment opportunities should contact their service coordinator to discuss further.

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Ronald Ople Started Working at S&H Machine in 2017

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and today we highlight Ronald Ople and S&H Machine where he has worked as a custodian since 2017.

Ronald Ople has been with AbilityFirst’s Supported Employment program since 2013. He worked as a landscaper in a group setting until 2016 and transitioned to individual employment in 2017. Upon transitioning, Ronald was hired as a custodian at S&H Machine, a company that makes parts for aviation and spacecrafts. With the assistance of a job coach, Ronald has maintained his employment and has taken on many duties, such as cleaning and upkeep for multiple buildings, including common areas and workshop areas, restrooms, conference rooms and offices. Ronald enjoys his job and has become very independent. Having a full-time job has given Ronald the opportunity to help contribute to his family, outings and buying gifts.

AbilityFirst is the supporting service provider.

Lanterman clients interested in exploring employment opportunities should contact their service coordinator to discuss further.

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Gerald Yamasaki has been with FVOS for Two-Plus Decades

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and today we highlight Gerald Yamasaki and his two-plus decades with FVOS.

Gerald Yamasaki had been with FVOS for 22 years and was hired in December 2018 by FVOS as a Powder Coater and assembly line worker. Gerald amazes his supervisors with his proficiency setting up and cleaning out the powder-coating machine and always has a can-do attitude. He said that his favorite part of his job at FVOS is getting to work with great coworkers and supervisors.

FVO Solutions, Inc. is the supporting service provider.

Lanterman clients interested in exploring employment opportunities should contact their service coordinator to discuss further.

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Thomas Shelton’s Paid Internship Experience at VIACOM Entertainment

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and today we highlight the paid internship experience that Thomas Shelton had at VIACOM Entertainment.

Thomas Shelton is a friendly and outgoing young man who loves to share stories about his latest adventures with his friends and coworkers. Thomas is a long-time fan of all things Hollywood so when the opportunity came up for him to get a paid internship with the VIACOM Entertainment company, it was truly a perfect fit. Thomas began his internship on June 13 and says he already has friends at the office. He preps snacks for the VIACOM team and helps keep the communal areas clean and organized. Thomas says that his favorite things about his new position are learning all the new skills, getting to work with his job coach Toni, and the great views of Hollywood from the VIACOM windows. He also loves to visit the MTV floor and see the music awards displayed there.

FVO Solutions, Inc. is the supporting service provider.

Lanterman clients interested in exploring employment opportunities should contact their service coordinator to discuss further.

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Breaking news, plus resources for your community

On October 11, the Southern District of New York court issued a national injunction in New York v. Department of Homeland Security. This action means that the public charge rule is on hold nationally, and will not go into effect. This is not a final outcome, but for the foreseeable future, the public charge rule will not be used.

Judges in Washington state and California also issued issued similar rulings in other cases today. Multiple advocacy groups and states have sued the federal governmental to try to stop this proposal.


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