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Guide to Lanterman

The “Guide to Lanterman Regional Center" and the "Guide to Lanterman Regional Center for Early Start Families” provides the answers to hundreds of commonly asked questions about Lanterman, along with an overview of resources available and the Center’s purpose. The Guide also focuses on the unique partnership that is established between the Center and the community we serve.

Obtaining a Copy of Either of the Guides

A copy of either of the Guides can be obtained from the Koch-Young Resource Center at 213.252.5600 or

Access the Guides Online

The Guides are also available for viewing online in two languages:

The Guide to Lanterman also features three different inserts that focus on the school years, transition to adulthood and community living options:

Please note: The Early Intervention section that formerly existed for the Guide was replaced by the Guide to Lanterman Regional Center for Early Start Families.