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RFP Awards

Lanterman Regional Center issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) when there is a need to develop specific homes, programs or specialized services for clients. Current RFPs can be viewed here. This awards page shows details about RFPs that have been awarded as well as info for those RFPs for which the application period has closed and a decision is pending. Information provided includes RFP title, name of awardee, amount awarded and a one sentence summary of the RFP.

RFPs Pending Decision

Information about RFPs whose application period has closed but are still pending decision will be posted here.

2017 RFP Awards

New Peers Social Group Program for Clients with Developmental Disabilities

  • Easter Seals
  • $84,260 over 18-month project duration
  • RFP funds will be used to develop a Peers Social Group program for regional center adult clients. The program will initially serve up to 25 adult clients. The program will educate, promote and facilitate peer interaction and social opportunities in the community.
  • View the RFP

2016 RFP Awards

Korean Community Health Worker Project

  • Korean Youth and Community Center (KYCC)
  • $181,980 over 18-month project duration
  • RFP funds will be used to create a Community Health Worker (CHW) program within Lanterman’s Korean community, similar to the Promotora Project for the Spanish-speaking community, that will build trust through home visitations and monitoring to improve access to services and increase utilization of available services that exist within the regional center as well as the community.