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HCBS Final Rule Gets Hollywood Treatment


ARCA is thrilled to share a major project spearheaded by Tri-Counties Regional Center (TCRC), meant to make the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Final Rule more accessible to service providers, people with developmental disabilities, and the community at large.

TCRC partnered with a Hollywood studio to create a top-quality animated series of five-minute short videos explaining key elements of the Final Rule with engaging characters, humorous stories, and top-notch production values. This resource will benefit our entire community, and we're excited to share it with you today!

“As the HCBS Final Rule affects so many people, we have to get creative in how we give both the people we serve and our vendors support in understanding the regulations. In order to remain eligible for federal reimbursement all such services must meet the HCBS Final Rule.” – Diva Johnson, Director of Community Development (TCRC)

The series has 20 videos, in two ten-episode sets. There's a version for service providers, and a version for people receiving services. Each ten-episode playlist covers the same topics, to help ensure everyone can understand their obligations (as providers) and their rights (as individuals).

For additional accessibility, versions in 20 languages are coming soon! There are also ASL versions of all available, and a special behind-the-scenes video about the making of this series!

Accessible, Engaging, Informative, and Entertaining!

This resource started with a conversation between Diva Johnson, TCRC's Director of Community Development, and Mark Wolfe, who is the president of both TCRC's board and ARCA's board of directors. As a movie producer and former owner of the Reading Rainbow brand, Mark immediately saw the benefits of this. “My son is served by TCRC and I respect their desire to feature real stories, portrayed by people with disabilities to make the HCBS requirements widely available, so when Diva came to me with the request to find a way to produce these animated videos with Hollywood quality but the non-Hollywood budget available to a non-profit, it was an easy yes.”

This series highlights the diversity of our service system, both on-screen and via the actors behind it. The "making of" video highlights how inclusivity was a guiding principle in bringing this to life.

To produce the series, Wolfe brought on board Public Pixels Media, headed up by Joe Sichta, an award-winning show runner for some of the most beloved animations including Scooby Doo, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Muppet Babies. “The amazing work done by the regional centers for so many Californians made my yes to pulling in the best talent as my part in giving back,” said Sichta.

ARCA is honored to share this new resource that will help people with developmental disabilities, their families, and the service providers who make community life possible understand the ways the HCBS Final Rule benefits us all!

“It’s vital that ARCA and all regional centers continue educating on how to comply with these regulations and continue improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities. We applaud Tri-Counties Regional Center for their leadership and commitment on this statewide project.” – Amy Westling, Executive Director, ARCA