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Service Provider Quality Guidelines

Lanterman has developed a series of “Quality Guidelines” to help clients and their family members select a service provider whose services exceed the minimum standards set forth in Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations for residential, adult day programs and supported living services.

Guidelines were also developed for services for which there are no minimum standards in Title 17, including:

  • agency respite,
  • independent living services,
  • in-home services (occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy) and
  • behavior management services.

These guidelines were developed with input from service providers, families and Lanterman staff. They may be used as a basis to ask questions to help you determine the nature of and quality of services being provided.

For example, one of the residential guidelines states, “We regularly sit down with individuals to discuss whether they are achieving their desired outcomes and the quality of life they desire.” The question you would ask the provider is, “How often do you meet with each resident to ask them if they are doing the things they want to be doing in life?” One provider may say they meet every month, while another provider says they discuss this at the annual meeting related to the Individual Program Plan. You may then use this information to help you decide if this is an appropriate home for you or your family member.

Because the provision of services to people with developmental disabilities is handled through an ever-changing system, the quality guidelines are reviewed periodically to ensure they are still relevant and meaningful in the current environment.

View Quality Guidelines

To view the quality guidelines, please click on the appropriate title and you will be able to download the guidelines.

Applied Behavior Analysis Services (posted 03/24/09)
Agency Respite Services
Day Programs (revised version posted 01/28/08)
Independent Living Services
In-Home Services
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