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"Viewpoint” is Lanterman Regional Center’s newsletter publication. It is our primary communication tool and is distributed in print form to the families and individuals that the Center serves, as well as service providers and staff. “Viewpoint” is also distributed to our “Friends of Lanterman,” which includes various commuity members and organizations affiliated with Lanterman. “Viewpoint” features a budget update, a communication from the executive director, and various other recurring features, such as “Fathers’ Corner,” “Employer Spotlight” and “Health and Wellness.” We also use"Viewpoint" to highlight various Lanterman activities that have occurred or are upcoming, as well as various community activities that we believe might be of interest to the Lanterman community as a whole. We also profile various members of the leadership team, our board members, Lanterman staff, and Lanterman clients. Also look to"Viewpoint" for various relevant and important disability-specific information that we collect. To stay abreast of all the going’s on at Lanterman, read "Viewpoint".

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