Partners in Lifelong Support Since 1966

We Are Committed To…

  • Treat people with courtesy and respect, listening attentively to their concerns – with understanding and without judgment.
  • Be sensitive to and acknowledge cultural differences. If we do not speak your language, we make every effort to have someone present who can translate, and whenever possible, we try to provide written materials in your language.
  • Encourage clients and families to make their own informed choices, and we respect and support their decisions.
  • Come to meetings and appointments promptly, prepared with the necessary information.
  • Explain the regional center service delivery system so that it makes sense and you feel able to access it.
  • Share all the information we have about the various service options available, offering our recommendations in a constructive manner. We are honest about what we can do, and what we are not able to do. If we cannot help you, we try to find someone who can.
  • Respond to requests as quickly as possible, and explain any delays. If we make a mistake or misunderstand your request, we take swift and appropriate action to correct the situation.
  • Stay current in our field, maintaining the highest personal and professional standards.
  • Solicit your ideas and suggestions on how the regional center and we can improve our services.
  • Respond promptly and constructively to your concerns. If you feel we have not been responsive or have caused you to be dissatisfied with the regional center, we will forward your complaint to the appropriate authority to respond promptly and constructively to your concerns.
  • Respect your right to privacy and hold in confidence all information obtained in the course of professional service.