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Lanterman Act Appeals Process, Consumer Rights Complaint Process and Title 17 Complaint Procedures

Appeals Process – for individuals age 3 or over

Used to resolve disputes with a regional or developmental center about eligibility for services or the nature, scope, or amount of services and supports a person should be receiving. Anyone aged 3 or older who has applied for regional center services, or who currently is receiving regional center services, can appeal regional center decisions they do not agree with. We are posting a link to the page on the Department of Developmental Services' website that includes the appeals information packet, your appeal rights, appeal process flow charts and other infomration related to the appeal process.

*Not to be used for consumer rights violations – see Consumer Rights Complaint Process.

Consumer Rights Complaint Process

Used when a consumer, or any representative acting on behalf of a consumer, believes a right (or rights) have been unfairly denied by a regional center, developmental center, or a service provider.

*Not to be used for disputes about eligibility for services or the nature, scope or type of services a consumer is receiving – see Appeals Process.

Title 17 Complaint Procedures

This procedure is to be used when: (1) one of the “personal rights” of an individual who resides in a developmental center, community care or health care facility, has been denied; and (2) the consumer disagrees.