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Payments to Vendors Providing Services to Clients and Families

Lanterman Regional Center pays purchase of services claims twice per month. The first payment processing date is on the 10th of the month, or the next business day if the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday. Our commitment to providers is that if we receive your invoice by the 5th of the month, payment will be made on that first processing date. Invoices received after that date will be paid on a subsequent date.

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As a practical matter, when we pay on the 10th we either print the check and mail it or, as is the case with the vast majority of our payments, we notify our bank of the requested electronic fund transfer (EFT). Our bank, then, releases the funds the next business day, usually the 11th. Depending on who the provider banks with, those funds may be available to the provider on that day or a day or so later. Please check with your own banking institution relative to your particular situation. 

Should you have questions about specific payments to your organization, please contact your Accounting Associate.

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