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Koch-Young Resource Center Overview

The Koch-Young Resource Center provides information, education and support for people with developmental disabilities, families with children who have special needs, Lanterman staff, professionals and the general community. The Resource Center offers a number of services, including:

  • A HelpLine (213.252.5600, 213.383.1300, x. 5600 or, which links people to community resources related to developmental disabilities, provides information and referral, and does tailored research for unique needs;
  • A multimedia multilingual library collection of approximately 8,000 disability-related materials that is searchable online at;  
  • Providing assistance to the Center’s varying support groups;
  • Coordinating Lanterman’s Peer Support Partner Program that is a one-on-one family support program that matches individuals with trained and experienced family members in a variety of areas of interest (;
  • Offering education and training opportunities; and
  • Creating individualized disability-specific information packets.

Staff in the Resource Center are also responsible for:

In addition to the library and the Help Desk, the Resource Center also:

  • Oversees the Assistive Technology Project that provides services by way of contract with the Assistive Technology Exchange Center of Goodwill Industries of Orange County.

Contact the Resource Center

The Resource Center can be reached at 213.252.5600. 213.383.1300, x. 5600 or