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Transparency & Accountability: Documents

Policies and Procedures

Employment First Policy

It is the intent of this Employment First Policy to facilitate integrated, competitive employment for Lanterman Regional Center clients. Lanterman Regional Center (LRC) believes that integrated, competitive employment should be the first consideration for all individuals with developmental disabilities, therefore this will be the first option considered by planning teams for every LRC working age adult.

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Zero Tolerance Policy Regarding Client Abuse

The Regional Center has a “Zero Tolerance” Policy with regard to Client abuse and neglect. This means that every instance of observed, reported or suspected mistreatment of any Client will result in an immediate investigation and action to stop it and keep it from happening again. Anyone who receives a report of or observes actual or suspected mistreatment of any Client must immediately report that to the Regional Center, and to the Office of Adult Protective Services for adults, to the Department of Children and Family Services for minors, and to the Long Term Care Ombudsman for those Clients in long-term care facilities, or to law enforcement.

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Approval of Contracts Policy, Procedure for Issuing RFPs and Awarding Start-up Contracts

This is Lanterman's board-approved policy for entering into contracts valued at over $250,000 annually and the process for issuing requests for proposals (RFPs) to address client service needs, and for awarding and disbursing start-up funds for new resource development, when available.

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Conflict of Interest Policy and Standards Statements

The conflict of interest policy and standards adopted by the board of directors ensure that regional center board members and employees act in the course of their duties solely in the best interest of the regional center clients and their families, without regard to the interests of any other organization with which they are associated or persons to whom they are related.

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Lanterman’s Policy on Transparency and Access to Public Information

In order to promote transparency and accountability and maintain the trust or our community, Lanterman Regional Center provides timely access to public information about the center and about services we purchase. While providing access to information we also comply with applicable federal and state law relating to the confidentiality of client information and records.

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Lanterman Act/Title 17 Appeals Procedure

Pursuant to AB 1402, Lanterman is posting a link to page on the Department of Developmental Services' Web site that provides a description of the appeals procedure in the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act.

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Whistleblower Complaint Policies - DDS and Lanterman

The DDS policy outlines the Department's process for handling whistleblower complaints regarding alleged improper activity by regional centers or vendors/contractors.

The Lanterman policy covers the Center's process for handing improper regional center activity and improper vendor/contractor activity.

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