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Whistleblower Complaint Policies - DDS and Lanterman

DDS Whistleblower Complaint Policy

The DDS policy outlines the Department's process for handling whistleblower complaints regarding alleged improper activity by regional centers or vendors/contractors. The policy, including the definition of regional center or vendor/contractor whilstleblower complaints, confidentiality, about filing a complaint and how to file a complaint are all posted on the DDS Web site Complaint page.

Visit the DDS Complaint Web page

Lanterman Whistleblower Complaint Policy

The Lanterman policy covers the Center's process for handling improper regional center activity and improper vendor/contractor activity.

Please note, DDS is currently redoing their Web site and has changed the URL address for the Complaint page on their Web site. Following is the updated information for the DDS Web page referenced in the Lanterman policy.

Updated DDS Complaint Web Page Address: