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Sean C. Handles Packages for FedEx Ground

Sean C. began attending the SCRS-IL Employment Services Program on November 6, 2020. Previously, Sean was employed by the Glendale Community College Book Store. However, when the Covid-19 Pandemic impacted California, all colleges began remote education and Sean was left unemployed as a result.

Sean stated that he needed assistance in seeking stable employment after his “on call” status at Glendale College and no work availability. He began working with SCRS-IL employment services staff in areas such as enhancing his resume, improving his interview skills, and job searching.

During Sean’s introductory assessment, he expressed his difficulty with time management, which is essential in retaining employment. Due to this need, the employment services team was able to work with Sean and provide him with time management and workplace etiquette trainings. Sean was able to learn the importance of time management and workplace Etiquette. Soon after, Sean began his job searching and was able to obtain employment working at Dodger Stadium as a Stadium Sanitation Associate, per diem. Shortly after accepting this position, he was asked if he was interested in working for FedEx Ground as a package handler in the city of Arcadia. Sean stated that he was definitely interested in making the move and SCRS-IL staff was able to work with Sean complete his application, assessment and new hire forms.

Sean was required to participate in a two-part orientation on May 6 and May 7 which would finalize his onboarding process. Sean is really happy about his new employment opportunity working for one of the largest delivery express transportation companies in the United States.

Way to go Sean!!