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Self-Determination Program (SDP) November 2017 Update

Many families and self-advocates have been asking for an update on the Self-Determination Program. It’s hard to believe that the legislation authorizing Self-Determination was signed in 2014. At this time, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) continues to work with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) to finalize the DDS application. Here are some additional updates:

In September and October 2017, DDS hosted Train-the Trainer’ meetings statewide. These trainings covered the information needed for regional centers to conduct informational meetings. These meetings are required before an individual can be added to the candidate list from which DDS will randomly select the first 2,500 participants. Statewide, almost 300 regional center staff attended the meetings, with representation from all 21 regional centers. There were also representatives from 70-80 community based organizations as well.

Lanterman’s Self-Determination Advisory Committee has continued to meet and has focused its energy on outreach and signing up individuals that are interested in participating in the initial rollout of the program. As a reminder, Lanterman has been allocated 74 slots for the initial rollout.

Currently, Lanterman has over 500 people who have expressed interest and have signed up to attend an informational meeting. If you want to attend an informational meeting, tell your service coordinator or send an e-mail to