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Marc is a Permanent Employee of the Blaze Pizza Team

Marc returned to SCRS-IL Employment Services Program in November 2020 after being separated from LAUSD as a Food Service Worker. After Marc was separated, he reached out to SCRS-IL for assistance in obtaining his next job.

Marc felt that if SCRS-IL Employment Services could help him find his first job, then it would make sense SCRS-IL can help him find his next opportunity. Marc returned to our Employment Services Program in November of 2020 and immediately got to work on searching for his next opportunity and learning any new skills needed.

After two months of training, Marc was offered an opportunity for a Paid Internship at Blaze Pizza in Monrovia. At first, Marc was hesitant since it was a bit further than he would have preferred. However, Marc decided to take the opportunity with the understanding that we would provide him technical assistance on site. Since Marc began his training during the Pandemic, he did encounter some hiccups at the beginning due to COVID lockdowns; however, Marc and his manager were patient with the ever changing restrictions.

After the initial month of training, the manager felt that Marc should be training directly with him and that the Blaze Pizza employees could help Marc in transitioning into the workplace. Marc was able to slowly make the transition; however, he faced yet another barrier with Access Transportation and punctuality. Marc needed assistance in learning about Friday traffic with or without a Pandemic. SCRS-IL staff worked with Marc to help him understand how tardiness can cost him his job. Soon Marc was able to arrange his trips with enough time to make it to work on time.

SCRS-IL staff also worked with Blaze Pizza Management so that Marc can have a set schedule, this minor change allowed for Marc to join the “Access to work” Program through Access Paratransit. Marc continued to do well in adapting to a restaurant setting and also learning about their peak times and down times. His adapting also included mastering the dough press, washing dishes and building pizza boxes. The Blaze Pizza Manager, Marco, did a great job with including Marc in all aspects of the job and truly making Marc feel as a member of the Blaze Pizza Team. As of May 2021, Marc joined the Blaze Pizza Team as a permanent employee!

SCRS will always be here for you, Marc – Great work!!