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Lanterman Community Priorities for Resource Development

The Department of Development Services (DDS) makes limited start-up funds available to develop resources for people moving out of locked institutions and into their home communities. This year DDS is also making these limited funds available to develop resources for regional center clients who are already living in the community.

To determine what resources might be needed for our community members, Lanterman Regional Center held community input meetings on August 1 (English) and August 8 (English and Spanish). A total of 63 individuals participated.

The following priorities were identified by those present at these meetings, and Lanterman will be applying for funds focusing on these priorities:

  • Affordable housing
  • Housing for people with special health needs, such as diabetes
  • Community homes for clients currently living in Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • On-Demand transportation service like Uber, but for clients
  • Registered Behavior Technician Certification classes

The following were also mentioned by participants as being important:

  • Lack of access to medical clinics, dental services, psychiatrists, skilled nursing and other health related services. Some access issues due to not enough providers familiar with our clients, some due to lack of services accepting MediCal rates.
  • One-stop center to help clients pay their bills, have notices explained (i.e. – SSA or legal notices), receive help completing applications, additional case management, etc.
  • Behavior services with increased capacity for Spanish-speaking clients.
  • Vocational training programs for individuals 22 and older who are Spanish-speaking