Partners in Lifelong Support Since 1966

Lanterman Awarded Social Justice Award by Esperanza Community Housing

From left to right: Lanterman Executive Director Melinda Sullivan, Board Members Gloria Leiva and Yudy Mazariegos, and KYRC Director Rose Chacana

Lanterman and Esperanza Community Housing have partnered together since 2013 through the Promotora Program to meet the needs of individuals and families, increase access to and utilization of services, and support the empowerment of communities.

And at their 17th Annual Dancing Under the Stars Dinner Celebration they presented Lanterman with the Esperanza Community Housing Social Justice Award.

Esperanza Community Housing Corporation is a social justice non-profit in South Central Los Angeles that achieves long-term, comprehensive community development by developing and preserving affordable housing; elevating health equity and access to care; mobilizing for environmental justice; creating and protecting local economic opportunities; expanding engagement in arts and culture; and advocating for policies protecting human rights.