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DDS Issues Notice of Potential Breach of Confidential Information

The Department of Developmental Services issued a Notice of Potential Breach of Confidential Information on April 6:

The Department of Developmental Services today informed the public about a recent incident that may have resulted in the breach of confidential information. On February 11, a break-in occurred at the DDS legal and audits office building in Sacramento. The trespassers ransacked files, vandalized and stole state property and started a fire. The Department has no evidence that personal and health information was compromised due to the incident. However, out of an abundance of caution, it is notifying clients and the public about the incident and following federal requirements regarding potential breaches.

As detailed in the notices below, the people who broke into the building had access to the health information of about 582,000 individuals served by DDS. They also had access to the personal information of about 15,000 employees of regional centers, service providers, applicants seeking employment with the Department’s audits office, and parents of minors enrolled in DDS programs.

DDS immediately notified law enforcement authorities when the incident occurred, and an investigation is ongoing.

For more information about the potential breach, and to read the full security notice visit:

You can also read a Los Angeles Times article about this at