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48 Families Graduate from 2016-17 Promotora Program

Esperanza Community Housing Celebrates 20 Years of Promoter Training

Top row: The Promotora Project graduated 48 of the 52 Lanterman families who participated in the yearlong program from July 2016 to June 2017. This picture includes some of the families along with a few Lanterman service coordinators.
Middle row, left: Koch-Young Resource Center Director Rose Chacana (left) with Esperanza Community Housing Executive Director Nancy Halpern Ibrahim (center), and Lanterman Executive Director Melinda Sullivan (right)
Middle row, right: Koch-Young Resource Center Director Rose Chacana (left) with Norma Benitez (center), director of Health Programs, Esperanza Community Housing, and Lanterman Executive Director Melinda Sullivan (right)
Bottom row: Norma Benitez addresses attendees at the luncheon celebrating the 20th anniversary of Esperanza's Community Health Promoter Training.
In September 2013, Lanterman Regional Center started a pilot project with Esperanza Community Housing. "The focus of the project was to help Lanterman families increase utilization of both regional center and generic services, and learn to better navigate the service system," explains Koch-Young Resource Center Director Rose Chacana.
The project started with 52 families and two promotoras. Each year in June since then, Lanterman has recruited a new set of 52 families. "This year due to disparities funding (ABX2 1) we were able to expand the program by adding two additional promotoras who are working with an additional 52 families," adds Rose. The program was also expanded to Lanterman's Korean community through the Korean Youth Community Center. KYCC developed a similar program called Community Health Workers, and currently there are 20 Korean-speaking families participating in the program.
So this year alone, a total of 124 Lanterman families are participating, and in total, including this year, the program has served 332 families.

While the program at Lanterman is only a few years old, Esperanza recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Community Health Promoter Training with a luncheon.
Norma Benitez, director of Health Programs, Esperanza Community Housing, shares, "For the past 20 years Esperanza has witnessed the power of community determination, resiliency and hope as community members embark on the journey of personal and community transformation. Through that journey, agencies such as yours have been instrumental in providing our promotoras a platform to thrive and grow into the professionals they are today. Thank you for taking a chance and believing in our promotoras and collaborating with us."