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2019/20 Community Resource Development Plan Community Input Summary

The Department of Developmental Services requires regional centers to collect community input regarding services that are needed by people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities. Following is a summary of the input received by Lanterman Regional Center. This information will be used for the FY 2019/20 request for Community Placement Plan funds.

Input for the 2019/20 Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP) was collected at seven community meetings: Client Advisory Committee, Service Provider Advisory Committee, Programs and Services Committee, Early Intervention Family Support Group, Korean Family Support Group, and two Spanish-speaking family support groups. A total of 132 people provided input.

The following comments were made:
(Note – number in ( ) indicates how many said this)

  • Need recreation/art/music programs (74)
  • Need after school programs (66)
  • Need social skills training (59)
  • Need behavior management training (55) – note: 45 want it in Spanish
  • Need affordable housing (28)
  • Need supportive housing for people with health issues (15)
  • Want a program with meaningful activities (i.e. work skills) for young adults (7)
  • Want adult programs in Spanish (4)
  • Want pool therapy (3)
  • Need a job (2)
  • Need a social group (1)
  • Need computer training (1)
  • Need behavior assessments for adults (1)
  • Need wheelchair maintenance (1)
  • Need ILS training (1)
  • Want sensory training program (1)
  • Want a picky eater program (1)
  • Need respite (1)
  • Want floortime (1)
  • Want a nutrition class (1)
  • Want a program on the weekend (1)
  • Want peer social opportunities for young adults (1)
  • Want OT/PT/ST for EI child (1)
  • Want more staff at the family resource center (1)
  • Need to teach Skilled Nursing Facilities how to work with our clients (1)
  • Need cognitive therapy (1)