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Network of Care - Service Providers/Vendored Resources

As part of the requirement of SB 74, per WIC 4629.5(b)(6) regional centers are required to make available a listing of our service providers/vendored resources, including name, type of service and contact information. This information was included on Lanterman's Network of Care site, which is a listing of community-based resources for children and adults that are close to where you live.

This database not only includes resources that integrate children and adults with developmental disabilities into regular programming and activities with their non-disabled peers, but also includes specialized programs serving only people with developmental disabilities.

Our objective in listing all of these resources in one site is to better inform the Individualized Planning Process (IPP). Your family member’s IPP is the guide to the services and supports that he or she will need. The Network of Care gives clients and families direct access to the resources that are available. When more than one resource is available that may meet your family member’s needs, your service coordinator can help you make an informed choice in accordance with the Regional Center’s service standards.

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For more information on the IPP process you may consult the “Guide to the Regional Center.” An online version of the Guide can be accessed by clicking here.

For more information regarding service providers/vendored resources on the Network of Care, click here.

This database is updated semi-annually.