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Additional Training

In addition to the regularly offered training listed here, Lanterman offers a variety of other training and workshops throughout the year that function as valuable tools in assisting families with the many transitions that will occur in the life of their child with a developmental disability:

  1. School-related training, such as ones that focus on the transition to preschool, inclusion and the Individualized Education Program
  2. Training that focus on the transition to adulthood, including sexuality and employment
  3. Training specific to certain services and supports, such as assistive technology and American Sign Language
  4. Health-related training, such as dental health care and healthy aging.

For a more comprehensive listing of training and workshop opportunities available through Lanterman, as well as within the greater Lanterman community contact the Koch-Young Resource Center at 213.383.1300, x. 5600 or You can also visit the external training section of our Web site.