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James Haaven Trainings ~ May 2016

James Haaven is a consultant in private practice and trainer in the field of assessment, treatment and program development of sexual offending behavior of persons with intellectual disabilities. He has 44 years of experience in working with persons with sexual offending behavior and over 35 of those years exclusively with persons with intellectual disabilities. Mr. Haaven provides consultation and training for this population throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He has provided consultation for sexually violent predator programs, development of community transition programs and statewide delivery systems for sex offender services for this population. He has co-authored chapters in the areas of treatment theory, risk assessment, treatment, community transition and program development. Mr. Haaven is the lead author of the book Treating Intellectually Disabled Sex offenders: A Model Residential Program and he is one of the primary authors of the ARMIDILO-S, a risk management tool for persons with intellectual disabilities.