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Donate Via Cars 4 Causes

Make a tax deductible donation to Lanterman by donating your old car to Cars 4 Causes ®. Here are three easy steps for donating your car:

  • Step One: A donor may submit a vehicle donation form from the Cars 4 Causes Web site or contact Cars 4 Causes ® at 1.800.766.CARE (2273). The donor provides general information on the vehicle that they will donate, as well as selects the charity organization they wish to benefit. They accept most intact vehicles, whether they are running or not. No smog certificate is required.
  • Step Two: Once you donate your car and it is accepted, one of Cars 4 Causes tow companies will pick up the vehicle at no cost to the donor, or a donor may drop off the vehicle at one of their car donation center lot locations.
  • Step Three: The vehicle will be sold at one of Cars 4 Causes car donation center lot locations once they have a clear transferable title. A written acknowledgement will then be sent to the donor for their contribution.

If you are ready to donate now, visit the Cars 4 Causes Web site at or call toll-free 1.800.766.2273 and donate your car to Cars 4 Causes®.