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Principios del Comportamiento (Español)

The Behavioral Health Series

The Behavioral Health Series is founded on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Caregivers will learn techniques to address challenging behaviors and routines by implementing positive behavioral strategies. This course is for caregivers of young children, adolescents and adult individuals with varying diagnoses. All classes are two-hour weekly sessions presented in a three or six-week series format via virtual participation.

The Sexual Health Series

The Sexual Health Series follows California's Healthy Youth Act (CHYA) guidelines, providing thorough, age-appropriate, and inclusive sexuality education for caregivers and individuals with any diagnosis. Each course is designed for specific audiences and includes a mandatory orientation session where caregivers consent for their minor children to participate. All classes are two-hour weekly sessions presented in a seven-week series format via virtual participation.


  • Explorar el ABC del comportamiento
  • Definir funciones de comportamiento
  • Identificar comportamientos de reemplazo
  • Comprender el refuerzo y el castigo
  • Aplicar estrategias proactivas y reactivas
  • Desarrollar un plan de apoyo al comportamiento

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