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06/26 Caseload Ratios Community Meeting

We are seeking your input about our caseload ratios. A caseload ratio measures the number of individuals assigned to one Service Coordinator. It has been found that our caseloads are high in some areas. This means, in some cases, too many individuals are sharing a single Service Coordinator.

Lanterman reported the following caseload ratios:

  • Medicaid Waiver - 1:74 (the required ratio is 1:62)
  • Children under 6 - 1:56 (the required ratio is 1:40)
  • Individuals who moved from a developmental center within the last 12 months - N/A (the required ratio is 1:45)
  • Over 5, not on Waiver - 1:67 (the required ratio is 1:66)
  • Complex Needs - 1:14 (the required ratio is 1:25)
  • Low or No POS - 1:28 (the required ratio is 1:40)

We are hosting a community meeting on Caseload Ratios on Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 4 p.m.

Join us online via Zoom to learn more & provide input. Register online
Interpretation is available upon request.

Please submit your input on how to reduce caseload ratios to by 06.25.24.

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