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About Electronic Billing

Most service providers bill us and are paid electronically. Under the provisions of state law, POS vendors are required to submit their invoices through our electronic billing system. Vendors no longer complete and send back paper invoices to the regional center, but submit all of their billing through their computer via the Internet.

The only exceptions are for those vendors who receive vouchers such as for parent transportation and purchase reimbursement or for whom, as the law says, “submitting billing electronically for services represents a substantial financial hardship for the provider.”  


Before the system can be set up, each provider is required to complete an application designed by the Department of Developmental Services to have access to the program. Each provider will need to complete a separate agreement with each regional center with which they do business. There is also a separate application so that funds from the regional center are electronically deposited (EFT) into your bank account when your claim is paid. 

Each month, the service provider logs onto Lanterman's E-billing login page through the Internet at and finds their Lanterman invoice(s). The provider completes the invoice(s) online and submits them to the regional center. The regional center then accesses the completed invoice(s) online and processes the claim, which results in an electronic deposit to the provider’s bank account instead of a paper check if the provider has arranged with us for such deposits. Providers who serve multiple regional centers must log into each regional center’s individual login page to access, input and submit e-billing for that particular regional center.

Each provider is able to decide which of their staff has access to the system.

Access Lanterman's E-billing login page


Complete a separate E-billing and EFT application form and W-9 form for EACH VENDOR NUMBER and send the completed applications to us via e-mail at or fax at 213.252.4957. The information on the application should match the information shown in the W-9 form. If you already are set up for EFT with us, you need not complete that part of the application. Once you have submitted the application we will notify you via e-mail when the electronic billing has been activated for you to receive electronic invoices. Should you have any questions, please contact your Accounting Associate.

Dowload the e-billing and EFT application form

Download the W-9 form

Review the Electronic Billing Training Materials