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Local Family/Client Support Groups

Support groups create a comfortable environment where people can meet, share information and resources with peers and offer each other emotional support.

The support groups directly affiliated with Lanterman are co-led by families and Lanterman staff as part of a family-professional partnership. Currently there are more than 25 active support groups in the Lanterman community. We strive to meet the needs of families with a diverse range of groups, including groups for non-English speaking families, families of children with specific developmental disabilities, families of children in specific age ranges, groups specifically for fathers or siblings, and groups based on important issues like inclusion.

Lanterman also makes referrals to local, state and national groups on a variety of issues, and provides technical assistance for the development of new and existing groups.

The following is a listing of all existing support groups in our community. Click on the support group name for more information including dates, times and contacts.

For details about each of the following groups click on the support group name. Download a printable version of the complete listing of all of the support groups: English or Spanish.