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KYRC Library Titles on Autism

Foothill Autism Alliance (FAA): Educate, Communicate, Enable, Empower, Advocate

TACA (Talk About Curing Autism)

IAN (Interactive Autism Network): Share. Research. Discover.

Autism Speaks Family Services ~ offers resources, tool kits and support to help families and others

Autism Speaks First 100 Days Kit: A tool kit to assist families in getting the critical information

A Parent’s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Parent Handbook

Lanterman’s Assistive Technology Program

Clients with Communication Challenges by DDS

An Early Start for Kids with Autism: 5 Tips for Parents

Autism Spectrum Disorders Fact Sheet: A Publication of NICHCY

After the Diagnosis: Navigating the System

AAC User’s Group for Lanterman Clients

Autism Behavior Problems: What’s Triggering Your Child’s Outbursts?

Rights of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Therapies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Review of the Research for Parents and Care

California Autism Professional Training and Information Network