Take 30 Seconds TODAY and Convince Governor Brown to Stand Up for Early Start Restoration

Following is an Action Alert from ARCA:

Governor Brown is the last man not standing up for Early Start restoration...and he needs to hear from you now. Tell Governor Brown to Restore Early Start Funding

On Monday, the Budget Conference Committee made it apparent that they support restoring Early Start. Your ongoing advocacy is helping to ensure they know this matters. And if you haven't let them know, click here and you can.

But there is one more person who needs convincing. A man who must be told, directly and immediately, that this restoration must happen. That man is Governor Brown. Negotiations are happening right now. A lot of people with a lot of different interests are trying to convince him to approve new spending. Unless he hears that this must be the priority, it will not happen.

  • Your calls and e-mails got Early Start on the agenda.
  • Your outreach and lobbying earned it strong support from the Budget Conference Committee.
  • And now your final efforts can make this happen.

Please, take 30 seconds of your time... it could make a lifetime of difference for California's at-risk children.

Click here now, or call him at 916.445.2841. And forward this on to your friends and colleagues.