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Use to Create Free, Easy-to-Read Medication Schedules

Do you have a hard time remembering to take your medication when you’re supposed to? Or what about keeping track of the medications you are taking to avoid dangerous drug interactions? allows you to create free, easy-to-read medication chart schedules that clearly show the times you should take each medication or supplement, and how much to take; and save multiple medication charts and reminders for yourself, an aging parent, child, any family member or friend. It can also be used to ensure all of your healthcare providers know what medications you take and can help them identify dangerous drug interactions and select the right treatment option.

Here are some of the options available to you through

  • Medication wizard helps you easily make and revise your own printable medication chart
  • Pictures of pills make them easy to identify, including large-type or regular letter-size print
  • Track your daily medications – strengths, dosage and purpose
  • Create medication lists for yourself and family members
  • “Remind Me to take pills” text message reminders or e-mail reminders
  • Prescription refill reminders to reorder your prescriptions before they run out
  • Print in various sizes, such as for the fridge or even wallet-size
  • Special instructions and dietary considerations for each med
  • Weekly checklists and health records to keep you on track
  • Print schedules in English or Spanish
  • Schedules are time and date stamped
  • Pill box organizers and reminders

Your personal health information is safe and secure and is protected by SSL encryption, and will not be redistributed or resold.

Other benefits of this service include a feature that allows your healthcare providers, if they use MedActionPlan, to send a schedule to your MyMedSchedule account.

You can also access MyMedSchedule wherever you go on an iPhone or iPod Touch via MyMedSchedule Mobile and create, update, or view schedules; and set or receive medication reminders.

Registration is free and easy and can be completed at