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Physician and Parent Anila Guruji’s Medical Knowledge and Personal Experiences Bring a Unique Skill Set to the Lanterman Board of Directors

Lanterman Parent and Physician Anila Guruji also joined Lanterman’s board of directors this summer and is looking forward to the opportunity to give back to the community that she and her family have been part of for over 23 years.

She shares, “As a mother of a young adult with autism, I have played an active role in navigating and advocating on behalf of my son, and in finding the appropriate services and support for him since he was first diagnosed. I look forward to sharing these experiences with the board so that the family perspective and the challenges that families face are considered by the board when they make decisions about the direction of the Regional Center’s policies, services and support.”

Guruji has been featured in Dr. Barbara Firestone’s book, “Autism Heroes.” Firestone is president and CEO of The Help Group, where Guruji has also been active in developing a support group and encouraging other families to “Never give up on your child, sibling or family member. As I have seen light at the end of the tunnel, you will too. Although there will always be challenges, there are ways to overcome these and get the best results.”

Currently the medical director for West Coast Clinical Laboratories, Guruji has also served as medical director and chair of several committees at two local hospitals.

“My personal experience as a parent combined with my medical knowledge brings a unique perspective and skill set to Lanterman’s board,” adds Guruji. “I feel that I can use my background to help the board better understand medical-related decisions that they might have to make.”

In her free time, Guruji enjoys reading, cooking and furthering her education by taking various computer-related classes.