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Now Available – The Guide to Lanterman Regional Center for Early Start Families

This Guide is written for parents of young children, ages birth to 3 years, who are receiving Early Start services through Lanterman Regional Center.

Between now and your child’s 3rd birthday, you will take a journey filled with choices and challenges, as well as successes. This Guide is intended to help you create a more effective partnership with the Regional Center as you navigate this journey. The Guide covers seven important topics:

  • Early Start services
  • Working in partnership with the Regional Center
  • Family centered planning and its implementation
  • Transitioning out of Early Start services at age 3
  • Resolving disagreements about services and supports
  • Families’ legal rights and responsibilities
  • Receiving effective and appropriate services and supports

Throughout the Guide, you will also find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and tips from experienced parents and service coordinators that can make you a more effective partner.

You can download a copy of the Guide in English or Spanish at If you would like a hard copy of the Guide, you can pick one up at Lanterman’s Koch-Young Resource Center if you are at Lanterman or ask your service coordinator to bring one to your next meeting with him or her.