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Let Us Know What You Think About Our New Format for “Viewpoint”

As part of our efforts to be innovative and try new approaches to delivering information related to the Lanterman community, we’re testing out a new format for our “Viewpoint” newsletter. As you may know, about a year ago, we made the switch from a printed newsletter to a newsletter designed to be distributed online, but in a printable PDF format. This new format takes it a step further – the content is now available as a navigable Web page with links to stories that are displayed in Web page format.

While the entire newsletter no longer can be printed at one time, each of the individual stories will continue to be printable. In addition, this new format will allow us to distribute our newsletters more regularly, ensuring that happenings in the community are shared with readers in a more timely fashion. Also, while the newsletter will include feature articles, such as success stories, profiles, and stories about Lanterman events, time critical information including trainings, and upcoming Lanterman and community events will continue to be distributed via our Lanterman E-bulletins.

So, please let us know what you think about this new format for “Viewpoint” by e-mailing your feedback to our newsletter editor, Vinita Anand, at