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“Gravity Pulls You In” Available for Circulation at the Koch-Young Resource Center

Also by Author and Parent Vicki Forman is the anthology she co-edited with Writer and Parent Kyra Anderson called “Gravity Pulls You In: Perspectives on Parenting Children on the Autism Spectrum.” Crafted to encourage a sense of connection among parents and transcend divisive autism politics the book includes a foreward by John Elder Robison, author of the New York Times Bestselling book, “Look Me in the Eye,” and a regular contributor to Psychology Today.

A finalist in the Anthologies/Non-Fiction category of the 2010 International Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News, the 33 essays and poems by mothers and fathers raising children on the autism spectrum provides a view of the universe of autism – its marvels, chaos, and life-changing impacts – through the eyes and lives of the contributors and explores the context of autism’s gravity, discovering what’s important to the contributors and what they find centering. This creative group of contributors are accomplished writers, but many also hold day jobs as scientists, professors, teachers, actors, advocates, and therapists.

From the “Gravity Pulls You In” Web site: “Their slice-of-life depictions are a refreshing departure from the usual diagnosis/grief/acceptance arc of many autism accounts, and serve as a reminder that life is lived in the many small, everyday moments. Readers are invited into contributors’ lives where they’re sure to find an attitude, a circumstance, an epiphany they can relate to. Within these accounts of fierce love and keen regard for their unique children, lie moments of exceptional clarity and transformation, such as one mother’s story about her full circle reconciliation to a home movie depicting her son’s perseverative behavior and another’s appreciation for her daughter just as she is or will be. Or the poem about well-meaning but intrusive people who offer advice on how to ‘correct’ a child with autism and a father’s account of a hilarious outing to Hooters with his hip-hop adult son. These pieces are sure to resonate with parents, caregivers, and anyone who’s interested in the world of autism.”

For more information about the book, visit, where you can read more about the editors and contributors, as well as read the foreword, excerpts and reviews.

“Gravity Pulls You In” is also available for circulation through Lanterman’s Koch-Young Resource Center. Visit to see the library listing.