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Service Provider Ann Hamilton Meets with Governor Brown

Governor Jerry Brown (left) with Lanterman Service Provider Ann Hamilton

On November 10, 2016, Lanterman Service Provider Ann Hamilton met with Governor Jerry Brown. She shares, "We had a meaningful conversation discussing a wide range of topics, including the residential care industry in California as it pertains to the elderly and individuals with developmental disabilities."

Specific points that Ann shared with the Governor include:

The increasing difficulty providers are having operating successful and profitable businesses in the current environment of increasing expenses and decreasing or static reimbursement rates.
How having facilities in adjoining cities with different minimum wages makes it necessary to request individual waivers by regional center client name, which is an onerous system for an agency charged with providing services for more than 300,00 clients and this causes significant delays in approving needed increases in reimbursement rates.

"Governor Brown assured me that he would have his staff look into our areas of concern and work toward rectifying any inequities in the system so that care providers could continue to provide quality services to the population that we serve," Ann adds.