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Scrub a Dub, Dub…Soap Making Class Held for Adult Clients

Jaime Cha McGrath, Lanterman family support specialist, recently led a four-session soap making class for adult clients. 

Attended by a total of seven clients, some of whom came with a parent, adult sibling or aide, participants not only learned about the soap making process, but also about health and hygiene. And most importantly, they had an opportunity to make new friends.

All participants had hands on experience making the soaps themselves. They made soaps of different colors, shapes and fragrances. Once the soaps were ready, they packaged their products into gift bags to take home for themselves or give as a gift.

With lots of interest in another class, we are currently in the process of exploring locations to partner with to host future classes, and will keep everyone posted as to the next soap making opportunity.