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Ronald Ople Started Working at S&H Machine in 2017

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and today we highlight Ronald Ople and S&H Machine where he has worked as a custodian since 2017.

Ronald Ople has been with AbilityFirst’s Supported Employment program since 2013. He worked as a landscaper in a group setting until 2016 and transitioned to individual employment in 2017. Upon transitioning, Ronald was hired as a custodian at S&H Machine, a company that makes parts for aviation and spacecrafts. With the assistance of a job coach, Ronald has maintained his employment and has taken on many duties, such as cleaning and upkeep for multiple buildings, including common areas and workshop areas, restrooms, conference rooms and offices. Ronald enjoys his job and has become very independent. Having a full-time job has given Ronald the opportunity to help contribute to his family, outings and buying gifts.

AbilityFirst is the supporting service provider.

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