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PlayLA Adaptive Youth Sports Program

The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks PlayLA Youth and Adaptive Youth Sports Program is a city-wide initiative that provides access to quality sports programming for youth of all abilities between the ages of 5 and 17, including swimming, archery, soccer, basketball, equestrian, tennis and more. Made possible by an investment from the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), PlayLA is the single largest commitment to youth sports development in California and serves as a legacy before, during and after the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Over the next several years, the PlayLA Adaptive Youth Sports Program will offer young people with disabilities access to a variety of adaptive sports programming at no cost in a safe and fun environment at their local recreation centers and neighborhood facilities. The first- of-its-kind program in the City of LA aims to remove barriers to participation by providing an underserved community with the opportunity to discover a sport they are passionate about and can pursue.

The PlayLA Adaptive Youth Sports Program raises awareness of the benefits adaptive sports can offer young people with disabilities, including enhancing lifelong leisure pursuits and helping achieve a more equitable quality of life. LA Parks is committed to creating a lasting positive impact through this initiative and fostering a new generation of para-athletes and fans ahead of the LA28 Games.