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Mercedes Diaz Homes Opens Keystone in Burbank

Mercedes Diaz Homes has just opened Keystone in Burbank. This 4-bedroom home provides a welcoming environment for individuals moving from the developmental center or similar restrictive environments. Residents will have their own bedroom and will be able to access various community activities with staff support. The home was developed with Community Placement Program funds. Mercedes Diaz Homes designed the house with the residents in mind, creating shared and private spaces that all can enjoy.

One of the home's new residents is moving out of Fairview Developmental Center in May and will be living close to his parents. Another tenant has complex health and behavioral needs and she is moving out of a locked psychiatric center.

Top photo, left to right: The mother of the individual moving out of Fairview; along with Mercedes Diaz, owner of the home; Claudia, the manager of the home; and a personal friend of Mercedes.

Second photo, above on the left: A view of the backyard of the home with (left to right) Claudia, Lanterman Board Member Larry DeBoer, and Ramon Diaz (far right).

Third photo, above on the right: Pictured are Claudia, Ramon, Mercedes and Larry.

Four bottom photos (clockwise, left to right): Shown are the backyard, the kitchen, the living room and one of the bedrooms.