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Los Angeles’ “Safe Sidewalks LA” Program Increases Rebate Cap

Starting on August 1, 2017, the City of Los Angeles’ “Safe Sidewalks LA” sidewalk repair program will increase the amount residential and commercial property owners can receive through the City’s Rebate Program. The cap, originally $2,000 for homeowners and $4,000 for commercial property owners, has been raised to $10,000 for everyone, an amount that the City hopes will encourage more Angelenos to participate in the program.

Property owners must apply with the City to participate in the program, then pay for their own repairs. Once certified by the City that the repairs are ADA-compliant, the property owner then receives the City's valuation offer amount, up to $10,000." 

“The Rebate Program is an important part of the City’s commitment to make sidewalks accessible to all Angelenos,” said Gary Lee Moore, City Engineer. “By creating a partnership with property owners the City is helping increase mobility throughout our city and make communities more livable for everyone.”

"Safe Sidewalks LA" is the City’s historic, 30-year, $1.4 billion commitment to make all sidewalks in Los Angeles accessible to everyone. The Bureau of Engineering (Engineering) is the lead department for the program.