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Kaiser Sunset Partners with Lanterman, LAUSD and Pathpoint to Implement Project SEARCH

Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center has Partnered with Lanterman Regional Center, LAUSD and Pathpoint to Bring Project SEARCH to Their Medical Campus

Top photo is Jaime Rodriguez; bottom left photo is Adrian Garcia; and bottom right photo is Erick Morales. All 3 are Los Angeles Unified School District students participating in Project SEARCH and are supported by LAUSD Special Education Teacher Lisa Divers.

Photos taken by LAUSD Special Education Teacher Lisa Divers

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About Project SEARCH
Project SEARCH is a program for young adults with disabilities to learn job skills through unpaid internships. The interns are in their last year at LAUSD and they will participate in three 10-week internships throughout various Kaiser/Sunset departments such as OB/GYN, Ambulatory Services and Volunteer Services.

The goal for Project SEARCH interns is to gain valuable work experience that will lead to paid employment after graduation. Recruitment for students for the 2016-17 school year will begin soon. 

LAUSD students interested in finding out more about Project SEARCH should speak with their teacher or their service coordinator at Lanterman.

For general information about Project SEARCH visit their Web site.