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Highlights from Grassroots Day 2017

Lanterman community members attended 2017 Grassroots Day in Sacramento. 

Top left photo, from left to right: Edward Perez, Lanterman regional manager; Andres Lerma, Lanterman client; Assemblymember Anthony Portantino; Yudy Mazariegos, Lanterman parent; and Kimberly Isaac, Lanterman service provider

Top right photo, from left to right: Edward, Kimberly, Yudy and Andres with Elle Hoxworth, staffer for Assemblymember Chris Holden, and three community members from Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center (ELARC). They collectively thanked Assemblymember Holden for sponsoring AB 279 which is intended to address funding for service providers that are struggling to meet the higher minimum wages in certain cities and counties.

Bottom left photo: Yudy and Andres, along with ELARC families, meeting with Jen Troia, staffer for Senator Kevin de Leon.

Bottom right photo, left to right: Yudy, Andres and Kimberly, in front of the capital. Kimberly was able to briefly speak with Governor Jerry Brown about the need to increase provider rates.