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Help Repeal the Disability Taxes

Do you want to help end the disability taxes?

Have you heard about SB 412, by Senator Jeff Stone? This bill will repeal two "disability taxes," - fees some people must pay to access services. The Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) is proudly sponsoring this bill to end artificial barriers to services for children and families. 

Currently, regional centers are forced to underpay for respite and daycare services for children, based on family income. Families then have to make up the difference. This is called the “Family Cost Participation Program." A separate, income-based fee program called the “Annual Family Program Fee” charges parents of children receiving other services.

So far, SB 412 has had nothing but success. At every turn, legislators from both parties have united to support this push. But we're in the final stretch, and could use your help. Can you spare a few minutes to say why you support SB 412?

We have custom-built letter templates for individuals and organizations to use to share their story of why they support SB 412. Please click on the links below to get your template now.

Once you - or your organization - have finished the letter, please e-mail it to ARCA and they'll make sure it gets to Senator Stone and his colleagues in the Legislature.

E-mail with your letter or any questions today.

Do you or your organization want to support SB 412? Click whichever button below best describes you to get your letter template. Once you're done, or if you have any questions, please e-mail ARCA.