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Frank Lanterman’s Legacy

In 1979, the regional center leaves Children's Hospital Los Angeles and is reorganized as a nonprofit freestanding agency, the Los Angeles County Developmental Services Foundation. The agency is dedicated to Frank D. Lanterman and he agrees to lend it his name. Pictured from left to right: Asenath Young, Dr. Richard Koch, Frank Lanterman and then Executive Director Diane Anand at the dedication. 

"Assemblymember Frank D. Lanterman was a hero to people with developmental disabilities," shared Diane Anand in her June 4 presentation at the Lanterman House in La Cañada. The presentation was part of an almost yearlong special exhibit called "The Legacy of Frank Lanterman (1901-1981)." Diane (pictured below) spoke about Lanterman's work in the Legislature on behalf of people with developmental disabilities, including the signature piece of legislation that bears his name - the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, commonly known as the Lanterman Act.

The exhibit runs through December 21, 2017 and gives insight into the multi-faceted life of this famous La Cañada resident. From his early days as a musician and political activist to his 28-year term in the California State Assembly, Frank Lanterman was always a champion for the local community. The exhibition draws from seldom-seen materials that comprise the Frank Lanterman Collections belonging to the Archive of Lanterman House.

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