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Four Friends Move from Institution to Pasadena Home Developed by Easter Seals

Left photo, first row, left to right: Janna, her mom, and her sisters Alicia and Dori celebrated Fourth of July together as a family.
Left photo, second row: Deborah (left) helps prepare a meal.
Left photo, third row: Interior of the home on Orange Grove Boulevard.
Right photo, top row: Exterior of the home on Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena, CA purchased and developed by Easter Seals.
Right photo, second row, left: Janna
Right photo, second row, right: Dori
Right photo, third row, left: Anthony
Right photo, third row, right: Deborah

Easter Seals has a strong philosophical commitment to individualized services and now that the census of the state developmental centers is shrinking, Easter Seals approached Lanterman with the idea to develop this home. Easter Seals committed some of their resources to purchase and develop the home, and worked with Lanterman and the institution to identify potential residents.

All four of the clients selected to move in - Janna, Dori, Deborah and Anthony - lived in the same large institutional setting together, and now they are still together and living in a small home, each with their own private bedroom. They also have opportunities to help with meal prep, hang out on the back porch, pick fruit from the fruit trees on the property, or just kick back and watch television.

Janna and Dori's mom worked with Easter Seals and their Lanterman service coordinator to facilitate the move and help them transition to their new home from a large institutional setting. She also chose not to have their sister Alicia, who is served by another regional center, move into the home, as she did not want to disrupt Alicia's life as she is very happy where she is at. Nonetheless, their mom was thrilled that they were all able to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday together. While Janna and Dori's mom is involved, neither Anthony nor Deborah have family involved.

Pictures really are worth a thousand words, so all that remains to be said is welcome to your new home Janna, Dori, Anthony and Deborah.