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Formatting Issue on Annual Financial Reports Fixed, Statements Being Resent

Each year, Lanterman sends our clients, their parents or authorized representatives an annual statement that reports the services and supports purchased by Lanterman Regional Center on behalf of the client for the period of July 1 to June 30, based on payments that were made through August of that year. This year’s statements were sent out the second week of December and it was brought to our attention on December 20 that there was a formatting glitch in the English and Spanish versions of the statements. This was caused by a computer error that resulted in the financial data not displaying properly and rendered the statements confusing to read. The issue has been corrected and the annual statements are being reprinted and will be resent by the end of the week. Lanterman apologizes for any confusion that was caused. Should you have any questions about the statement, contact your service coordinator. Please note that this statement is not a bill and no further action is required on your part.