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ECF Begins Transitioning Programs/Services as Part of CMS Final Rule

Pictured from left to right at the new ECF location in Inglewood: ECF staff Benjamin Sandoval and Aide Herrera, with Lanterman Executive Director Melinda Sullivan, ECF CEO Scott Bowling, and Lanterman Community Services Director Karen Ingram

The CMS Final Rule expects services to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities to be provided in integrated settings. The Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF) has begun transitioning their programs and services by offering participants more choices and more opportunities to work in the community. ECF has developed work training opportunities that include candle making, computer classes and art galleries. The Uniquely Abled Academy trains individuals with autism to operate machinery and parts for the aerospace industry.  Upcoming academies include Warehouse Management and Culinary Arts. 
ECF staff Benjamin Sandoval and Aide Herrera (pictured) run the Uniquely Abled Academy at Glendale Community College. In addition to the classroom training, ECF helps regional center participants find jobs using their new skills, and supported employment job coaching once the individual is hired.