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Affordable Housing Opportunity in Eagle Rock

WORKS in partnership with Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center is developing affordable housing in Eagle Rock. Construction of the T Bailed Manor Apartments should be completed mid-summer 2017 and the units will be managed by Solari Enterprises, Inc. 

Located close to several bus stops, there will be 46 one-bedroom units, 16 for regional center clients, and 30 for veterans and others experiencing homelessness. One unit will be designed for a tenant who is non-ambulatory, one for a tenant with hearing impairment, and one that is adaptable. The complex will include a computer room, community room, laundry room and meeting rooms.

All units will have a shower bench. All units are electric for heating and cooking. Water and trash will be paid for by management, while all other costs are paid for by the tenant. Each unit will be provided with a full bed, dresser, small table, a couple of chairs, futon or sofa, microwave, towels and dishes to get the tenant started.

Applications will be accepted starting on April 10, 2017 on a first-come, first-served basis. All documents submitted must be originals. Applicants can request for a service animal, however, the request must go through the reasonable accommodation process.

The application must include with it a $35 non-refundable check or money order for each adult for credit/criminal background check. Income criteria is for 2016 income and is at or below the 40 percent area median income, which is:

  • One person - $24,320
  • Two persons - $27,800
  • Three persons - $31,000

If a client works and their income is inconsistent, they must provide three months of pay stubs and the amount will be averaged out. They are looking for a minimum income for one person per month of $850.

Once the criminal background and credit check have been cleared, prospective tenants are invited for an interview.

Following are links to more information, the application and the documents that must be submitted as part of the interview.