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AbilityFirst Supports Clients Working on Front Lines

Excerpted from the Pasadena Outlook (Thursday, April 23, 2020 edition)

In recent weeks, grocery store employees have been working harder than ever to accommodate the increased demand triggered by “Safer at Home” policies to slow the spread of coronavirus.

One such employee, Rafael Vera, is a client with AbilityFirst who began his new job at Smart & Final the week the pandemic broke in California and local officials announced measures to encourage residents to stay at home.

Vera, 30, said he is proud to be working on the front lines as a sales clerk and happy to be helping the public during this trying time.

“We’re super busy, it’s hard to determine when exactly it will get very, very busy, but it’s always hectic on the weekends,” said Vera, who’s grown accustomed to wearing a mask and a double layer of gloves to work at the front-end of the store, restocking items and and cleaning carts and door handles.